RSR's The Wasp Show

* BIG RSR Announcement! The long-awaited astronomy video, RSR's Evidence Against the Big Bang, is finally here! If you enjoy Real Science Radio and would like to help keep the guys broadcasting and reaching more people, you just might love getting your own copy of this really fun and informative video. This big bang video is persuasive in the way that RSR is known for, and so it will also make a fabulous Christmas present for creationists and non-creationists alike!

* The Good, the Bad, and the Wasp: Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams discuss Lita Cosner's article in Creation magazine titled Wasps: Nature’s pest control. Getting access to this great article is one of the many reasons why the guys highly recommend clicking on over to and subscribing for yourself or a loved one! Following Cosner's lead, Bob and Fred first discuss the vital role wasps play in robust ecosystems and then move on to the theological argument that atheist evolutionists make against creationists when they claim that the painful sting of a wasps is evidence against the Creator.

* Published Today -- Our Fountains of MAGMA (?) YouTube Video: Please don't forget to post your thoughts in the comment section for this video, and for more information, please see Thanks! -The RSR Crew