Two Angry Men

* Tebow for the Win: At the recent Celebrity Golf Classic Time Tebow reminded everyone that there are things bigger than football.

* Felony: Redefined: Lawmakers, teachers, administrators & parents are now aware of the massive scandals involving the distribution of child pornography among the children of the government schools. But they fail to express concern that the kids are committing what are felonious crimes, and instead intend to change the law to decriminalize teen-aged sexual immorality. Find out why this is the case, and what it means for the future of kids across the nation.

* The Teacher Made Me See It: Reason number 1039 to get, or keep your kids out of the government schools: they may be shown an ISIS beheading by a moronic, lying school teacher.

* The FARCe in Cuba: While Barry HO takes in a baseball game with communist murderers John Kerry will be negotiating the surrender of Columbia to communist murderers.