Doug's Happy MLK Day Show!

* If a Socialist Falls in the Forest: and no one hears her, (or him)... does it really make a sound? Bob’s second-string guest host Doug McBurneyexperiments live on the air with a formula guaranteed to prevent a single caller from calling a talk show... ask about the Democrat debate!

* Shame on MLK Day: Hear your host shame all you white people for having the audacity to be white on Martin Luther King Jr. Day! And hear about how many in the government school system are actually serious about it!

* Trump Googles “Bible” & “Liberty”: Join the broadcast to be thoroughly blown away by the depth and breadth of Donald Trumps biblical knowledge, on display at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University! His Presbyterianism is HUGE in Iowa!

*The Sound of Salesmen: …and talk show hosts will remain safe in the brave new world of robots and artificial intelligence. But the elite at Davos seem to be saying millions of hapless workers will be in 21st century soup lines once the robots come and take all their jobs.