Another Family Detonation

* The Worst Possible Option: For years Bob Enyart has pointed out that murder and suicide have become legitimate problem solving options in the minds of more and more seemingly normal people. Find out from Doug McBurney about a Texas mom who exercised the worst of all possible options.

* From Dope Dealer to Medical Doctor: Well, maybe not quite “doctor”, but in Oakland, convicted drug dealers will get preferential consideration in the issuance of “medical” marijuana business licenses.

* Finding Sodom: It would appear the finding is all but done as the results of a 10-year archeological dig have revealed that not only did Sodom exist, but that all of a sudden, it just didn’t.

* Take that Vlad!: And you too prince Saud! American Oil reserves now dwarf those of Russia and Saudi Arabia, with more to be found!

* Queering of America: Not only did Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau march in Canada’s gay pride parade, he managed to march the entire route alongside a homosexual Syrian refugee!

* Walt Brown Reaches Jupiter: The Juno spacecraft has begun analyzing and sending information that is predicted by your host to further illuminate the recent creation of the universe & Dr. Walt Brown’s Hydroplate Theory.

* Hillary Walks: FBI Director and apparent life long Clinton shill James Comey chose not to indict the presumptive democrat nominee, but he may not be the final authority. Listen in to find out who your host thinks now holds the key to the sudden and unexpected end of Hillary’s political career.