Bill Clinton's DNA and the Infamous Public Toilet

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* America’s Top State Secret: Bob & co-host Doug McBurney ask why Bubba’s DNA couldn’t quickly put to rest the claims of Danny Williams Clinton. Turns out Bubba’s DNA is the one national secret Hillary would not allow to cross her unsecure server.

* Ancient Toilet Confirms God's Word: Archeologists can't help but confirm the truth of Scripture with every turn of the spade! This time it's a toilet in a temple confirming the practice of defiling pagan "holy" sites practiced by Hebrew kings.


* King James? LeBron James claims to be a Christian, but has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, saying that she would “build upon the legacy… …of Barack Obama”. Not surprisingly, this was just before for Hillary's Ohio campaign stop when she paid homage to King James. (BTW, see our great KJ Only debate.) So, how is it that a “Christian” endorses two of Jesus Christ’s sworn enemies? The guys explain some of the reasons this could be.

 * Modern Gomorrah: ABC Director Ryan Case should be arrested for abuse of an 8-year old confused, mentally ill, transgendered actress who now dresses like a boy and calls himself “Jackson”…

 * The Few, The Proud, The Trannies: Commander in Chief Barack Obama added to his primary legacy today when his order to fund transgender surgery in the Military took effect. We shall see if this leads to an increase in enlistments among the effeminate/butch crowd.

 * Judge Orders School to Abuse Child: When Federal Judge Algenon Marbley ordered a government school to treat you mentally deranged 11 year old boy like a girl, he confirmed reason # 1081 to keep, (or get) your kids OUT of the public school!