Danney Chelseas-Bro-Williams-Blythe-Clinton

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* Danney Williams-Clinton: DNA doesn't lie. A public DNA test could decide whether enabler Hillary Clinton is continuing to harm this young black man by not demanding to know whether Chelsea has a biological brother. (Or, maybe she already knows the answer to that question, regardless of Danney's parentage.) However, as discussed on BEL yesterday, because Bill Clinton's DNA profile is the one national secret that Hillary would not allow to cross her unsecure email server, the world may never know... that is, of course, until Judgment Day.

* And Back to the Foolish Things: As Bob explains in our Does God Exist? video seminar, everything affirms the existence of God, even foolish things, Bill Maher, and dirty jokes. So he further discusses the report from yesterday that archeologists have excavated a toilet in a temple in the ancient city of Lachish confirming the practice, recorded in the Bible, of defiling pagan "holy" sites practiced by Hebrew kings.