BEL Collecting Restraining Orders; One for Eagle Forum?

As Bob Enyart has collected restraining orders the way some people collect baseball caps, he reviews a harassment case from 25 years ago and another from 2016. Bob also observes that Republicans despise their "establishment" leaders who think themselves higher and wiser than the millions who seek to hold to America's traditional values, and he points out that this also perfectly describes the "pro-life" establishment of the Catholic Bishops, Eagle Forum, Focus on the Family, and National Right To Life, as they oppose laws that acknowledge that the baby in the womb is a person. Finally, the telethon has raised $14,550 of our vital $30,000 goal, so even though we're now in March, if over the next few days you make a donation, subscribe, or purchase one of our BEL resources, by calling 1-800-8Enyart or going to the Store at, then Connie in the office will apply that to our telethon tally. So please, please, if you can, please help!