Hydroplate Theory Tutorial Producer Pt 2

* HPT Proponent Bryan Nickel: Our best-selling science video is on the global flood and it has a bonus section produced by Bryan Nickel, a mechanical engineer and advocate of the flood Hydroplate Theory. Real Science Radio co-host Bob Enyart concludes his interview with Bryan about his YouTube tutorial series that visually explains Dr. Walt Brown’s theory of the flood of Noah’s day. (Part 1 is here.) That catastrophic event was a divinely architected judgment that marred not only the face of the whole earth, but had as its purpose also the marring of the faces, so-to-speak, of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and indeed, the blemishing of the entire solar system, for "the whole creation groans" because of the Fall. The triggering event of the HPT is the breaking forth of the fountains of the great deep, which deep waters, about sixty miles below the Earth's surface, were reserved for judgment in a globe-encircling subterranean chamber beneath the crust. We hope you enjoy hearing this as much as Enyart and Nickel enjoy discussing the scientific issues involved!

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