Dan Caplis: Guess Which Bodily Organ Isn't Mature Until...

Senior researchers from the National Cancer Institute concur with Bob Enyart and his guest Eve Sanchez Silver and they disagree with:
1) Wikipedia's politically correct position
2) Denver talk show host Dan Caplis' politically correct position
3) The NCI's politically-correct "official" position.

The NCI's Louise Brinton and Janet Daling, separately, have published accordingly including the results from an NCI-funded study! On today's program Bob interviews long-time friend and medical research analyst formerly with the Komen Race for the Cure Foundation, Eve Sanchez Silver about the medical side effects of the most common elective surgical procedure. See also americanrtl.org/abc. Related: Please pray for Punam Kumar Gill.

WARNING: Award-winning Documentary Film HUSH directed by a woman who actually supports the killing of innocent children.

CONTACT: To contact Bob's guest, Eve Sanchez Silver, email her at silver@hushfilmtour.us.