Spring 2016 Creation Mag Headlines Pt 2

* RSR Show Summary: Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart and Fred Williams share more news headlines from the current issue of creation.com/magazine. (The guys are wondering, by the way, whether you have subscribed yet for yourself or for a friend, child, or grandchild?) On today's program hear about yet another example of the bad science that flows from Darwinism, this time, regarding the appendix, which is not a vestigial organ. Then there's the unfossilized bones of a hadrosaur recently discovered in Alaska and reported in a respected science journal. Mainstream news headlines, however, caught Bob and Fred's attention at the start of today's program. A study reports that believers use the emotional and not the analytical part of their brain when they think about God. Of course that makes sense because, just as the guys describe their thoughts toward their wives, so too are our thoughts toward the Lord, for God is a person. Those who believe in Him love Him with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength. So, as the fear of the Lord is the "beginning" of wisdom, and analytical thinking accompanies conversion, it is the relationship between God and man that then flowers into worship and love.

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