Advice for Bowie Fans, Hillary & the NFL

* Another One Bites the Dust: Listen in as co-host Doug McBurney hijacks Bob’s show to express his disgust for the near worship in the wake of the tragic death of unrepentant sex pervert David Bowie.

* First Lady Huma? In a discussion of New York's new homo pronoun law, Bob enumerates the possibilities of a Hillary Clinton administration, in light of the possible divorces and marriages that could occur in the age of homosexual “marriage”.

* The Tebow Effect: Listen in to find out how Tim Tebow could save the NFL, (at least for Doug), and how his mere presence might have saved the season for the Cincinnati Bengals.

* A Slow Painful Death: is wished by your hosts to the “Hillary for President” campaign. And it seems the pressure is building within the FBI to finally bring criminal charges for the myriad offenses uncovered in their investigation of Hillary’s felonious treatment of classified intelligence, and her likely involvement in plain old fashioned political graft in regards to donations and favors changing hands over at the Clinton Foundation. And make sure to check out!