Life & Death in America

* An Island of Sanity: …in the midst of a sea of delusion: Japan will continue to spy on Mosques and other Moslem institutions.

* His Blood is Upon His Own Head: Find out what should have happened to a pervert convicted of child porn after, (and for that matter even before) he spit blood on his victim, in front of the judge, in court.

* Trannies, Trannies Everywhere! Listen in as Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney recounts how Christian leaders surrendered the culture to the homosexualists, leading to more trannies in the bathroom, more trannies in general, and so many trannies that even one liberal college professor is having second thoughts!

* What’s a Liberal to Do? When their son steals? They banish him to a tent and teach him to hate reading and writing! Instead of just giving him a good ole fashioned whipping like he needs.