“Well” Regulated Murder

* Pro-Life Industry OK With Murder: Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney quotes from the text of the much ballyhooed abortion regulation in Texas that has hapless pro-lifers supporting a law that would kill some, in hopes of saving others… My how far the “pro-life” industry has fallen!

* Exit Stage Left: Bob’s prediction of on-stage murders has been sadly proven correct again as rapper MC Daleste joins “Dime-Bag Darrell” Abbot in the growing panoply of entertainers murdered on-stage in front of cheering crowds.

* Simply No Shame: With Eliot Spitzer joining Anthony Weiner on the New York ticket a new low is achieved in American politics.

* A Rose by any Other Name: Find out about a new smell test based upon the God given ability of canines to smell cancer that predicts cancer in humans, and a blood test that predicts longevity & disease, all from Doug’s “Science! Really!” file…

* Explosions, Explosions Everywhere: Doug files his official statement of suspicion regarding the horrible explosion of a train in Canada, and the rash of explosions he’s been noting lately across the country (& now Canada).

* Candid Cameras: As the State of Tennessee announces the use of facial recognition software and cameras to catch bad guys by matching their mugs to known criminals in the FBI database; Doug says the more the better!

* Your Government’s Slacker “Utopia”: As the number of Americans on food stamps eclipses the Enjoy Bob Enyart's Nice than God study...number of full time working people we have achieved something of a tipping point, away from America and toward ungodliness, and Godis not pleased!

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