Nuclear Chemist, Stephen Meyer & Radiometric Dating

Darwin's Doubt author Stephen Meyer interviewed on Real Science Radio* Radiometric Dating: Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart interviews nuclear chemist and text book author Dr. Jay Wile on radiometric dating. A week after interviewing Stephen Meyer on his new book, Darwin's Doubt, Bob handed the book to Jay and asked his guest to read a sentence written by this intelligent design advocate with the Discovery Institute. Meyer wrote that radiometric dating is a straightforward practice. Jay has quite a chuckle with that one. Here's the sentence, from page 109: "Unlike radiometric dating methods, molecular clocks depend on a host of contingent factors." If the Discovery Institute spent a twentieth of the energy that they do looking for evidence against neo-Darwinism, on two other secular doctrines, looking for scientific evidence contrary to the the big bang, and evidence that undermines ancient radiometric dates, they would stun themselves by what they would find! :)

* Google: origin of earth's radioactivity: As we list over at, if you Google the words: origin of earth's radioactivity, Dr. Walt Brown explanation is ranked #1 of 375k pages for his chapter on this over at (and see our introduction to this right here at

* Meanwhile, Three Years Later: 2016 Show Update. Over at, Bob Enyart and Fred Williams predicted that original dinosaur and other biological tissue will be found largely independent of the claimed age of the fossil. Our prediction has been RECONFIRMED in June 2016! The journal Nature Communications reported original biological material in Gunflint chert allegedly from 1.88 billion years ago in the Proterozoic "Eon" (i.e., layer). Our prediction was first CONFIRMED in 2014 when the Journal of Paleontology reported original soft tissue in Precambrian "beard worms" that are allegedly 530 million years old! (See 60+ similar discoveries.)

* Dr. Wile on RSR about Making Sausage: Recently, Bob Enyart interviewed Wile, who was the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship's speaker, Ph.D. in nuclear chemistry, former asst. professor and researcher on Department of Energy and NSF projects. Dr. Wile spoke on radiometric dating and (surprisingly) variable radioactive half-lives. Here are notes from that program's show summary...

* New Problem Found with Radiometric Dating: The journal Nuclear Technology in 2017 published a paper exposing a significant flaw in the use of isochron ratios used to validate radiometric dating, as discussed by Dr. Wile. See also a Dec. 2017 Nature paper showing that lightning makes radioactive carbon, at and at Jay's blog.

* Example of Dating Rocks By the Fossils: Among the 80-plus papers, dozens since 2010, published in peer-reviewed mainstream scientific journals documenting the existence of original biological materials and tissues in dinosaur and other "ancient" fossils (similar to the presence of original proteins, etc., found in the oldest Egyptian mummies), one paper reports on the discovery of the unfossilized bones of seven hadrosaur dinosaurs (click the above link). There, in the Journal of Paleontology, we read, "Hadrosaurs are exclusively Late Cretaceous and their presence limits the age of the pre-Gubik rocks. 'This datum has allowed H. J. Clippinger to interpret somewhat contaminated pollen samples and establish a Maastrichtian or possibly Campanian age for the strata 28 feet above and 12 feet below the dinosaur bed.' Foramifera 2 feet below the bone bed indicate a shallow marine environment.'"

* See RSR's Landing Page for All Things 14c: Make sure to check out our stunning Carbon 14 page,!

* Atheists Attend this RMCF Event: The Denver Atheists Meetup Group encouraged participants to attend Friday's RMCF event. The whole meeting went splendidly. After Dr. Wile's insightful presentation, especially enjoyable were the questions raised by the atheists in attendance and Dr. Wile's comfortable approach and great answers. My brief dialogue with Dr. Tom Kashuba, a retired atomic spectroscopist, can be read best if you go to the end and read upward :) .

* Atheist Origins -- A Chat with Chauncey: One visitor from the atheist group, Chauncey, spoke for a while with RSR friend Patrick Shamblin and with Bob Enyart. We asked Chauncey to consider two things: 1) If you don't have a theory of origins that accounts for human consciousness, then you don't have a theory (and you don't even have a hypothesis). And 2) That they do not have even a hypothesis on origins is demonstrable by this pattern:
- the origin of species for Darwin begins with species already in existence
- the origin of stars begins with existing protostars and the explosion of existing stars
- the origin of genes that code for new proteins begins with modifying existing genes
- the origin of species by neo-Darwinism begins with wildly complex reproducing life
- the origin of life on earth is increasingly seen as seeded from pre-existing alien life
- the origin of the universe is increasingly explained by appeals to the pre-existing multiverse.

This pattern demonstrates that many in the public, following a gullible media, have undue confidence in the claims about origins from materialists. Consider also the ORIGIN of the process of encoding a protein sequence onto a DNA molecule. Atheists have nothing. And they have nothing, also, for the origin of something as relatively simple as the eye's trochlea (click or just Google: PZ Myers trochlea).

* Fetal Study Shows Social Interactions in the Womb: Learn about this peer-reviewed study at Dr. Wile's blog.

* RSR Hero & Cornell Geneticist John Sanford on the H1N1 Virus: To learn about yet another failure of Darwinian prediction, check out Dr. Wile's blog about natural selection failing to remove genetic defects in the H1N1 bird flu virus, making it (thankfully) less lethal today than it was 100 years ago when it was then infected human beings. (This has been learned from the frozen remains of someone who died in Alaska in 1918.)

* Human Devolving; Not Evolving a More Fitter IQ: From Dr. Wile's blog, writing in the journal Trends in Genetics, Dr. Gerald Crabtree estimates that, because of genetic entropy, "if an average citizen from Athens of 1000 BC were to appear suddenly among us, he or she would be among the brightest and most intellectually alive of our colleagues and companions..." Richard Dawkin's argues that Darwinism enables species to climb evolutionary mountains, but the human brain and body have not been climbing, but descending, for a long time (i.e., ever since about a week after creation).

* Opals Can Form in "A Few Months" And Don't Need 100,000 Years: Learning about rapid opal formation first from Dr. Wile's blog, we've now added this near the top of the List of Not So Old Things (which is one of our traditional annual RSR programs). Whereas, the science journals have always claimed that opals form over "tens of thousands of years, perhaps hundreds of thousands," and longer, the latest findings have completely overturned this dogma, as with a 2011 peer-reviewed paper reporting the: "new timetable for opal formation involving weeks to a few months and not the hundreds of thousands of years" long claimed (and accepted uncritically as with all previously reversed false claims of super-slow rates).

* Wile on Enyart's Debate with James Hannam: Two years ago Dr. Wile wrote about Bob Enyart's fun debate with Britain's theistic evolutionist James Hannam in a blog titled, Imagine That: Richard Dawkins is Wrong About Anti-Evolutionists!

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