Focus on the Family's Jim Daly Cancels Call

* Jim Daly Canceled the Call He Arranged with Gregg Jackson: Having been cc'd by Jim Daly on his email to Gregg Jackson, Bob Enyart replied to Daly with the email pasted just below. On today's program Bob talks about the Focus on the Family president Jim Daly canceling the call he arranged with Gregg Jackson regarding concerns about Focus on the Family's morally compromised policies. Also today, Joel Osteen and another Republican judge in the news.

* Enyart's Reply to Jim Daly: Mr. Daly, you may recall that I was sentenced to jail in Colorado Springs for our peaceful protest regarding Focus bragging about Dr. Dobson's oath to God (which Tom Minnery admitted that neither Dr. Dobson nor Focus abides by). Minutes after the judge sentenced me, my wife and three boys headed home from the El Paso courthouse and stopped by Focus on the Family's bookstore to purchase a couple shopping bags worth of the wonderful children's resources and parenting helps. Those of us who love, have financially supported, and respect Dr. Dobson and Focus have been beside ourselves with grief that you discount our concerns as some kind of envy from disgruntled Christians. The overtly moral relativist strategy that Focus has crafted has, as widely predicted, backfired.
You said: "Our approach has been formed through seasons of earnest prayer..."

Dr. Dobson said: "Humanly speaking, we can say we have lost all those battles."

Millions: Are agreeing with Dr. Dobson.
HOMOSEXUALITY: In 1993 I used my daily radio program to beg Focus on the Family to reconsider their obviously failed strategy, when you announced "EQUAL RIGHTS FOR HOMOSEXUALS! (just not special rights)." Yes, that's exactly what you all did and that's when we began broadcasting that Focus on the Family has adopted a strategy to win a small battle which strategy effectively surrenders the entire war. You rejected the 3,500 years of Judeo-Christian legal heritage whereby both political and religious leaders acknowledged that homosexuality was not merely a sin, but also a crime. Focus broke ranks with Moses and the New Testament (1 Tim. 1:8-10; etc.) to agree with the homosexuals, Hillary, and Hollywood, that sex outside of marriage, even including (God forbid), between men, should be legal. (I know, you take the path that you hope leads to the least resistance and so you say that homosexuality is not a "super sin" and that "all sins are equal." But Jesus speaks of him who has "the greater sin" and it was not thieves, nor even adulterers, who marched down main street in pride and demanded the right to their wickedness, nor was it perjury or gluttony, but only homosexuality that in America is mutually exclusive with Christianity in the public square, as millions of Christians are being intimidated into silence, if not outright compliance, and being forced into the closet. Your chosen path, however, leads to the future with the greatest confrontation and the greatest suffering.) From the day that CHRISTIAN LEADERS proclaim equal rights for homosexuals, how far was it from that day to the day that when secular leaders said that homosexuals can marry, write textbooks, teach kindergarten, adopt kids (another Romney accomplishment), coach wrestling, terminate Christian employees for merely disapproving of homosexuality. How far was it from the Focus on the Family utter failure of foresight with its "equal rights for homosexuals" to the day when our secular leaders BAN Christians from publishing ANYTHING that repudiates homosexuality (as in Colorado's C.R.S. 24-34-701: "Publishing of discriminative matter forbidden. No person... shall publish... any communication... of any kind... intended... to discriminate... against... sexual orientation...") which of course if enforced would even ban the New Testament (see 1 Tim. 1:8-10; etc.). Hickenlooper, Tim Gill, et al. have decided not to enforce 701 until just the right moment when their momentum peaks and they have the most unappealing of defendants (i.e., a homophobe). Yet when we opposed this bill fiercely (with many Christian leaders around the country flying in for our stunning press conference: Janet Folger; Liberty Counsel; etc.) Focus had by then completely confused itself into thinking that 701 was a "bathroom bill" (see Focus on the History -- Of Homosexual Rights.)

PARTIAL BIRTH FIASCO: Dr. Dobson admitted in writing that "Ending partial-birth abortion... does not save a single human life." That was one week after Tom fired James Odom on the spot (a Focus staff attorney, and long before the layoffs), when Odom suggested that Focus consider our open letter ten days prior to its scheduled first run, in the Colorado Springs Gazette (May 21st). We then strategically ran that full-page open letter in the Washington Times and in cities where major Christian ministries were headquartered. One bit of fruit was from the run in the Birmingham News after which Judge Roy Moore publicly repented for having praised the Supreme Court's brutally wicked PBA ruling that Focus had praised; other fruit was from the leading Mississippi newspaper that reached Don Wildmon's AFA, which group then boldly embraced their state's 2011 personhood amendment. Our widely reported open letter to Dr. Dobson, signed by Amb. Alan Keys just after he personally discussed the matter with Dr. Dobson, and by the Human Life Int'l president, and the American Life League president; etc., begged Focus to re-consider your obviously failed strategy, whereas the PBA ban fiasco could not prevent a single abortion, yet as a fundraiser it brought in $250 million for pro-life groups. And you comfortably attribute the criticism from principled pro-lifers like Alan Keyes and Gregg Jackson to some kind of envy. And then you're willing to work with Planned Parenthood but not Personhood.

MISSISSIPPI FIASCO: Mr. Daly, you may have noticed that AFA and the personhood movement produced 42% of the vote for personhood in an attempt to get the voters of that state to declare that they should uphold the right to life for every innocent child. That was an amazing 42%, achieved while fighting the Democrats, the abortion industry, and Focus on the Family. Yes, and we also had to fight the anti-personhood opposition from the Roman Catholic Bishops, the Republican pro-life governor Haley Barbour, James Bopp, National Right To Life, AUL, the Romney camp, and Eagle Forum. I presume that the combined effort of your camp, i.e., the abortion regulators, could have delivered another 8% of the electorate to ensure victory. (By the way, last month we did just that with the North Dakota legislature victory with both houses voting overwhelmingly to recommend that their state vote to uphold the right to life for every unborn child!) If you guys had the humility to reconsider your strategy, and began encouraging everyone, voters, plumbers, bishops, Minnery... everybody, to unashamedly call for the government to uphold the God-given right to life of every child, we cannot know what blessing that such a bold stand might produce, from the very effort itself, and that is, of course, from God. What we do know, however, is that pragmatic means: what works. And if Dr. Dobson was correct, then the Focus political strategy has been anything but pragmatic, because it has been a colossal failure. So if your strategy was never even pragmatic, that means that it was nothing but compromise and moral relativism. And moral relativism cannot be controlled. So as Focus spent years encouraging Christians to vote for Republican candidates (like Dole, McCain, Romney, etc.) who openly advocate the killing of some kids, then many churchgoers will decide to go ahead and vote for Obama, or Hillary, or whoever, because, yes, they might advocate some abortion, but then, so do the candidates endorsed by Focus on the Family. So we're no longer talking moral absolutes: only levels of participation in the murder of children. Tom is your go-to policy guy? Is he a humble enough man to admit if his life's work was destined from the start to be a failure? If he's not, you are looking to the wrong man.

Mr. Daly, I attended and loved your talk in Las Vegas a while ago in support of the local CPC. I love that you buy ultrasounds. I don't doubt your desire. I see your failure though and therefore doubt your wisdom. And if any of the above is true, then it would be only a lack of humility that would prevent you from reassessing your strategy, and from correcting any failings. If you don't already despise me, please consider these vital resources. More than a thousand of these Focus documentary DVDs have gone (not just those who say they are pro-life, but) to activists around the country. If nothing else, at least you should know what a small army of pro-life activists are believing is true about Focus on the Family:
American RTL's Focus on the Strategy
American RTL's Focus on the Strategy II
And you should see ARTL's stunning articles on regulations, exceptions, and burning buildings.
In Christ,
Pastor Bob Enyart

Denver Bible Church

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