Live from the Front Lines

* Our Policeman Arrested: Chet Gallagher, former police officer and current warrior for Truth was arrested at the gates of Mississippi’s last abortion mill, but as of air-time was right back out on the street, encouraging officers, bureaucrats & abortionists alike to repent!

* The Zastrow Battalion: David and Cal Zastrow call in with live updates from the front lines in Mississippi promoting and end to legal child killing via street action & personhood efforts.

* Les for Life: Leslie Hanks, president of American Right To Life brings news of the battle raging in the bible belt to stop the killing of innocent children

* The Personification of Failure: Daniel Porter Jordan III is the living legacy of the pro-life industry’s failed strategy of regulating child killing. The plan was to elect RE-publican presidents and install RE-publican judges. But it was a Republican court and a Republican majority that passed Roe v. Wade, and that opinion was written by a Republican justice. (The particular baby killer judge who has bent over backwards, repeatedly, to keep in business the last remaining abortion clinic in Mississippi, was appointed by George W. Bush.)


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