List of C-14 Everywhere It Shouldn't Be; Etc.

* Since Carbon-14 is EVERYWHERE It Can't Be an Anomaly: Carbon 14 doesn't lie. Yet 14c is everywhere it shouldn't be. Unless from a secondary source, like contamination or neutron capture, anything millions of years old should have NO Carbon-14. However diamonds are virtually impervious to contamination, and the world's vast fossil fuel deposits are not radioactive. Therefore neutron capture and contamination cannot explain the significant quantities of radiocarbon in such specimens. (Confused? See Yet scientists consistently find C-14, as reported in 2011 in the journal PLoS One for an allegedly 80-million year old mosasaur, and as reported elsewhere in natural gas, limestone, fossil wood, coal, oil, graphite, marble, ten dinosaurs, and even in supposedly billion-year-old diamonds.

* Public Access to 14c Journal Paper: Upon request from RSR, the Creation Research Society has made available to the public a 2007 paper that documents the process of testing natural gas from a deep well for Carbon 14. Without a subscription, you can see all the abstracts from that issue, Vol. 44, Num. 2, and now for the first time, you can read John Doughty's paper, Deep Wells -- Deep Time?

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* Wet and Wrinkly: Why do our fingers get wrinkly when we stay in the water for a long time? After a few science news items, Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams present a summary of their Carbon 14 argument. To begin with though, they talk about:
- An astronaut who thanked Walt Brown for his tremendous contribution to the scientific understanding of the world.
- The various film producers who've met with the RSR guys regarding a few different projects, including one who flew out from Hollywood to present a private Real Science Radio screening of his new science film on the big bang.
- Researches have discovered that we are able to handle wet objects better when our fingers are wrinkly. That discovery reveals yet another design feature that God included in His functional specification for creating the part of the human being that we call our body. Man is body, soul, and spirit (1 Thes. 5:23; One of the great articles in the July - September 2013 Creation magazine includes one explaining that our fingers get wrinkly during lengthy baths and swims because God lovingly designed us that way! The guys also discuss articles about the non-chemical antibiotic that God designed for cicadas, and the "predator that replaced the dinosaurs" that turns out to be a gentle herbivore.

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Also, check out our List of Atheist Answers to Origins Questions (at and right here:
Bob enjoyed chatting recently with Chauncey, a member of a Denver atheist group and suggesting the following. If atheists don't have a theory that accounts for human consciousness, then they don't even have a hypothesis on origins. And that they do not have even a hypothesis on origins is demonstrable by this pattern:
- the origin of species for Darwin begins with species already in existence
- the origin of stars begins with existing protostars and the explosion of existing stars
- the origin of genes that code for new proteins begins with modifying existing genes
- the origin of species by neo-Darwinism begins with wildly complex reproducing life
- the origin of life on earth is increasingly seen as seeded from pre-existing alien life
- the origin of the universe is increasingly explained by appeals to the pre-existing multiverse.

This pattern demonstrates that many in the public, following a gullible media, have undue confidence in the claims about origins from materialists. Consider also the ORIGIN of the process of encoding a protein sequence onto a DNA molecule. Atheists have nothing. And they have nothing, also, for the origin of something as relatively simple as the eye's trochlea (click or just Google: PZ Myers trochlea).

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