“Who are You to Judge?” Well for starters, you’re the Pope.

* The Pope on Homosexuality: Bob & co-host Doug McBurney quote the Pope, (and James Dobson, at least vicariously) supporting the “integration” of homosexuals into society, “forgiving & forgetting” priests who molest, and the incredible question Pope Francis XVI… “who am I to judge?” Um, well for starters, you are the Pope!

* Billy Graham’s Legacy: In 1997 we uncovered evidence (in Billy Graham’s own Christian Worker's Handbook) that Billy endorsed the killing of disabled babies in the womb. Bob and Doug update pastor Graham’s legacy with a new study on the surge of abortions committed against babies with disabilities.

* 50 million Islamists Can’t be Wrong: Being challenged to find common ground with our opposition, Bob points out that there is something upon which we Christians and the Islamists can agree: Osama bin Laden is now with Mohammed, (and they can throw in Arafat too)!

* Programming note: Stay tuned this week for an update on the "Masterpiece Bakery" story. The homos say "We just want to be let alone"... Oh yeah, and we want you to bake us a cake! Ha! "If I knew you's a homo I'd've baked you a cake..."

* An Even Grosser National Product: After generations of decriminalized fornication, adultery, and child sex advocacy American law enforcement officials reaped a harvest of at least 150 pimps and over 100 child prostitutes over the weekend. Bob “names names” and lays blame for this crime:

The most immediate blame, the proximate cause [to use lawyer speak], the most immediate blame is with the gangs & pimps who are prostituting children. And I think their punishment [unlike various Jihadists who would beat to death the girls], from a biblical position of equitable punishment, where the punishment fits the crime. I think the penalty of those prostituting these girls should be death. And if the girl is evidently a child, I would likewise punish the men, their so-called customers, who used them.

As God says in His Word, So that men will hear, and fear, and no longer act presumptuously.

But that's just the most immediate blame: the men actually using these juveniles to commit these crimes. Let's list the far more widespread blame that goes to the child sex advocates and all those who by their silence are complicit in the epidemic of child sex:

- the public schools (child sex advocates)

- the Republican Party (those who never speak out against the decriminalization of child sex: like Bush, Romney, and so on)

- the Democrats & Planned Parenthood (active child-sex advocates)

- Fox News, Focus on the Family, groups that wouldn't be caught dead even implying that sex between children should be recriminalized. For example Doug, our country has decriminalized sex between 13 year olds, 14 and 16 year olds, and so on. In their demented mindset, they thought that what they were doing, was showing mercy to the younger boys, who they didn't want to punish as criminals, for, you know, boys will be boys. What they actually did, was make it open season on girls. And they lowered the threshold, they lowered the barriers, for teenage boys to become predators, and they unleashed an army of predators on our nation's daughters. The tragedy of their misguided compassion on the boy who would abuse a young girl has turned our nation into one big teen brothel. 

In Texas, for example, it is an affirmative defense against the charge of sexual assault of a 14 year old God and the Death Penaltygirl if the boy shows that he is still 17. So, that's open season, in Texas, on young teenagers. And then those girls lose their morals, they lower their own first line of defense, and they become increasingly vulnerable as they continue to grow, to other legal predators, and older legal predators.

Prediction: Not one of those 105 kids was a virgin prior to their current horror. Fornication destroys lives, and it is especially destructive for young people.Bob & Doug McBurney & the Pope’s support for homos, child prostitution and who’s to blame, Billy Graham & killing disabled babies, & common ground with Al-Qaeda

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