Beating Back the Barbarians

* ANNOUNCEMENT: To accommodate a larger crowd and the media, today's hearing on CRTL's fetal homicide bill has been moved across from the Capitol to the Legislative Services Building - Room A, at 2 p.m. at 200 East 14th Street. Press conference to follow.

* Taking it to the Streets: After Colorado’s State House summarily rejected fetal homicide legislation in the presence of Heather Surovik, who’s unborn child Brady Paul Surovik was murdered by a drunk driver, Colorado’s Personhood leadership united with Heather and the modern day abortion abolitionists to announce the opening of a new front in the war against child killing: The Brady Amendment!

* Hunter Misses the Mark: In 1999 Boulder D.A. Alex Hunter was the lead prosecutor in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case and told the world, "I and my prosecution task force believe we do not have sufficient evidence to warrant a filing of charges against anyone who has been investigated at this time." Cleverly avoiding telling the truth that the Grand Jury had handed down an indictment against the parents, while implying that they had not. Bob has his theory, but perhaps JonBenet will have to wait for Judgment Day for Justice…

* Raven’s Linebacker a Dangerous Child: Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney points out that Baltimore Raven’s Linebacker and homo-sympathizer Brendon Ayanbadejo represents a generation of foolish children, raised by dangerous liberals, hell bent on destroying the family and the nation.

* Going for the Guns: San Diego’s police chief predicts that within a generation American’s will allow their guns to be confiscated. Find out how the pattern established regarding the Right to Life predicts that he is correct.

* Wise Men from the East: Governing officials in Russia and Poland are pushing back against the onslaught of the barbarians pushing homosexual “marriage”, and our host reminds us that here in America we can push back as well, if we can restore the God given Right to Life!

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