From a Conservative Christian Pastor to the Paranoid Conspiracy Crowd

* Millions of mentally ill paranoid conspiracy-hungry Christians: [Page updated July 2021.] To the conspiracy crowd: The government always buys bullets. As a red-blooded liberal-despising Christian, I can see that everywhere, countless conservative Christians are paranoid. Is that you? Need to hear another conspiracy just to get you through the day? Well, don't fear! The cure is now here! First, just listen to today's program. (Click the Play button above.) And then read the rest of this show summary, and after that, consider our other BEL conspiracy resources:
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* Billions of Bullets:  Bob and co-host Doug McBurney discuss the mentally ill Alex Jones' absurd conspiracy theory surrounding the U.S. government under the Obama administration contracting for 1.6 billion bullets. In addition to the observations below, the guys also discuss the demonstrably larger estimate of twenty billion bullets expended by red-blooded Americans and law enforcement officers at target ranges every year.

January 2017 Updates:
1st: With Obama gone, he apparently lost his opportunity to use all those bullets he bought in 2013.
2nd: Examples of Alex Jones fabricating his claims include that the Boston bombing was followed immediately by Jones and his reporter suggesting that it might have been "another" false flag inside job. With no evidence whatsoever, their wild imaginations are sufficient in their minds to justify accusations.
3rd: Jones immediately claimed something that he would have absolutely no ability to know, that the report that the older bomber brother took an interest in Alex Jones' website, was itself a "conspiracy". Of course, he could have no way of knowing whether or not America-hating Tamerlan Tsarnaev enjoyed Jones' paranoid claims that America has repeatedly attacked itself including on 9/11.

* And from a 2018 BEL Program: How dare Alex Jones, and his followers, under the guise of Christian discernment, slander the parents of little Noah Pozner and call them liars for having a "supposed son" who "reportedly" died at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Bob Enyart celebrates and is rooting for the lawsuits against Jones and agrees with the Texas attorney Mark Bankston that it is already a victory that Jones has acknolwedged that the parents' son truly died. Bob also especially rebukes the Christians who lose crediblility by repeating any of Jones' paranoid claims including that:
- the Sandy Hook school massacre never happened (via Infowars' friendly interviews of proponents)
- that 9/11 was an inside job
- that the Muslim terrorist Boston & San Bernardino attacks, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Columbine, Aurora theater, Orlando, and Mandalay Bay massacres were false flag or some such conspiratorial operations; and
- that the government bought a billion bullets in 2013 to use against the American public and
- its been pumping compounds into water to turn people and frogs into homosexuals and
- whatever the whackjob says about COVID-19 (including his inability to understand genetic databases).

Barack and Michelle
Barry & Michelle

Bob warns that by consuming Alex Jones' caustic message, that people toy with their own mental health. Merely healthy people should be able to immediately discern countless lies, whether from Alex Jones, Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver, or whomever, with such conspiracy/fake news claims as Kansas City MO was requiring churches to hand over their membership roles, or that Michelle Obama is really a man (oh brother!), or that the evil Bill Gates (yes, he's pro-abortion, rejects Christ, and therefore is evil) is creating a vaccine to kill people.

* The Antinoia on Bullet Buys: Here at we do not view government contracts for billions of rounds of ammunition as the government preparing for the likelihood of an operation against its own citizens. Hollow point rounds make up a significant percentage of the ammunition purchased, and we've read the claims that shooting ranges do not allow the use of hollow point ammo. So we googled: "hollow point" "shooting ranges". The 4th result (out of 34,000 webpages, and the first that was an actual shooting range, actually, six ranges) stated:

"Rifle: Ammunition must be soft-point or hollow point."

Different ranges of course have different rules (private/public, indoor/outdoor, local/state, federal/military). Some ranges do not allow full metal jacket rounds. Outdoor ones are more likely to allow them, and certainly, at target practice on our military bases our soldiers use standard issue rounds, which, depending upon the weapon, would frequently be FMJ bullets. We haven't investigated the rules for federal government ranges, at least one of which reportedly sees 15 million rounds fired annually. But what we have investigated is that it is wise to reject a priori any conspiracy-type claim from the mentally-ill "9/11 was an inside job" websites, and from those who read and promote those sites. So for example, we wouldn't trust any claim they may make about what percentage of which kinds of shooting ranges permit which type of ammo. Such information would have to be otherwise sourced and confirmed.

Last month Fox News (an organization unreliable on matters related to morality and fundamental justice yet reliable on many other issues and not 9/11-unbalanced), ran what seems to be a far more realistic account of the purchases. March 22 Update: U.S. News & World Report points out that the large numbers were not actual purchases but "up to" quantities designed to lock-in good prices over long-term contracts. That's something conservatives should want the goverment to do.

Of course everyone who thinks that the government attacked itself on 9/11 will not surprisingly assume that a large government purchase of ammo is for use against the American public. Alex Jones described one of those contracts as for an "arms race against the American people" with the government "gearing up for total collapse..." So for those who got their perspective on this news story from the crazies, they'll be challeged by us here at And they should make a significant effort to re-think from scratch the claims that come from such sources, completely ignoring the original, mentally-ill source of such perspectives.

Matt Drudge doesn't know right from wrong, and so his reputation is measured only in page views and advertising dollars. He could link all day long to articles at InfoWars and related 9/11 truth sites which are operated by the  mentally ill. If conservative Christians, on the other hand, claim as our sources variously, articles by Alan Keyes and Alex Jones, then of course we diminish our own credibility and even, by extension, the credibility of the noble men that we admire, like Dr. Keyes.

Consider a few peculiarities in the current government ammo purchase conspriracy:
1. Hollow point bullets were not banned by the Geneva Convention. (History of Hollow Points, etc.)
2. Only in the context of promoting a government conspiracy would pro-gun advocates describe hollow point ammo as though it were inherently evil. I.e., that they're "shoot to kill" bullets that are banned by the Geneva Convention. Was it Bill Clinton's surgeon general Joycelyn Elders whom we all made fun of when she called for "safer bullets"? Of course you want shoot-to-kill bullets. It's not unusual for a good guy to be killed by a bad guy who had already taken a bullet.
3. It's been claimed that shooting ranges do not permit hollow point ammunition. Yet in one minute, a KGOV producer easily found those six Long Island shooting ranges that actually request the use of hollow point ammo (possibly as compared to FMJ rounds). Reading 9/11-was-an-inside-job websites leaves folks with an unreliable mix of truth and fiction all slanted to give readers paranoia. So KGOV is the antinoia.

Consider how the 9/11-delusional Alex Jones is hyping the connection between the bullet purchases and the gun grab. For many decades, two things have been happening: 1) the government has purchased billions of rounds of ammo. And 2) the Democrats have waged a war on guns. The Newtown shooting, on Dec. 14, 2012, is what triggered the current push for more gun regulations. The recent round of purchases, that has Jones all worked up, of government requested bids and big ammo contracts, occurred over the year prior to the Sandy Hook shooting, which tragedy the political Dems have opportunistically exploited for the current anti-gun battle. It is paranoia to suggest that Obama orchestrated the ammo buys and the current gun battle just in case he needs to fire hundreds of millions of rounds at American citizens. And that's irresponsible, politically-motivated paranoia whether uttered by Jones or the perennially unreliable Sarah Palin.

Goats on the roof at a BEL staffer's ranch
Goats on a roof at a BEL staffer's ranch where we shoot guns!

* A Sign From Above: Bob and his co-host Doug McBurney discuss the recent suspension of a high school student for disarming a man threatening to kill another student with a gun. Bob laments the mindless policy of government schools (and the schools themselves) and asks the kid’s parents to consider the suspension as a sign from above… to get him out of the school for good!

* Spanking a PhD: Doug breaks out a copy of a rural American newspaper acquired on a trip through Montana in which Michael Popkin, Ph.D. (noted “family therapist”) gives his liberally-tainted, ignorant reasons why spanking children is out of step with the times.

* Typical Conspiratorial View of the Ramsey Murder: September 14, 2020 comment on our YouTube channel, "The Ramsey's were involved in a child sex ring and possibly satanism and allowed JonBenet to be abused by their wealthy friends and Boulder politicians that were also involved. Their neighbors, the Whites were also part of this, along with Mr. White's father. JonBenet was either accidentally killed at Mr. White's Father's secret 'party house' or sacrificed on purpose on Christmas night at midnight." The commenter herself, thankfully, was concerned that this might be hogwash. Hogwash, though, that is spewed daily. Here's what actually happened:

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