The Ramsey Case Pt 2

* This is Part 2: Part 1 is our Ramsey YouTube video, below (which is approaching a quarter of a million views). Part 2 is right here, the audio of our radio broadcast! So just click the Play button above to hear the conclusion of The Clue that Breaks the JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case. And find our concise list of the inculpatory evidence against her parents at

* Efforts Failed: In October 1999, as a long-time Denver talk radio program, our efforts toward obtaining justice for JonBenet Ramsey failed. They did, however, land reporting on Fox News shows, photos in USA Today and the Rocky Mountain News, and video clips on CBS News. That motivated us to present The Clue that Breaks the Case.

* And Incidentally, of course, the Denver Post Cannot Be Trusted: After you read or listen to our KGOV Ramsey report, you'll likely conclude with us that the Denver Post and the Boulder Daily Camera cannot be trusted. As is par for these Fake News outlets, they've found ways to ignore or downplay:
- the Denver mayor out of #MeToo's reach for harassment (and using prostitutes)
- the Jefferson County sheriff denying the existence of a (later revealed) search warrant application which could have averted the Columbine massacre
- the Arapahoe County sheriff re-addicting boys to crack cocaine to use them sexually
- the Democrat activist and Gov. Lamm's family friend who attacked an elderly pro-lifer and whose DNA made him as a serial rapist who then allegedly threw himself of a roof to his death. 

As apologists for the Colorado elite, the Post editors manipulate their reporting to portray the Ramsey evidence as though it acquits the parents and justifies the Boulder DA's failure to prosecute.

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