Scandals Great & Small

* So Many Scandals: Bob and co-host Doug McBurney examine the litany of Obama scandals: What do they portend? And why are they all breaking now?

* Reason 686: A government school teacher shows up drunk to class. Students defend her, the superintendent calls her immoral, and Bob calls it just another reason to get, (or keep) your kids out of the government schools!

* Two Birds, One Stone: As Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper struggles with his guilty conscience and his liberal staff over the execution of Chuck E Cheese killer Nathan Dunlap, (Hicks own leftist chief of staff has even threatened to quit if Hick enforces the death penalty), Bob recalls the horror of the 20 year old crime. Now if Hick does the right thing we'll get a proper execution, and the departure of an avowed leftist from Colorado government... talk about killing two birds with one stone!

* A Tempest in a Tea Party: Bob’s co-host attended the Tea Party IRS protest in Denver where he petitioned for the Brady Amendment & was a witness for Jesus Christ and the God given Right to Life.


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