Denver Bible Buying a Church!

* Out of the Closet: For 20 years Bob has warned Christians that as homos come out, Christians will be forced into the closet. Now a CNN reporter hasacknowledged that Bob’s prophecy has come true.

* Reasons 680: to keep your kids out of the government schools: the Dept. of Education has a program in place to help with money for godless secular counseling following school bombings, shootings, suicides, V.D. outbreaks etc…  And just a reminder of the top 5 reasons to keep, (or get) your kids out of the government schools:

  • One: the system is officially godless
  • Two: the curriculum denies God as creator and teaches kids they're animals
  • Three: the system teaches kids to kill unborn children
  • Four: the system promotes sexual immorality to children, including homosexuality, & fornication
  • Five: the system steals money from our neighbors and forces them to pay for other kids education

* God’s Rolling Tape: While government officials pursue terrorists, it’s come to light that they may have recorded the phone calls of one of the Boston bombers and his allegedly terrorist wife. And some are concerned that the government might be recording our phone calls. Bob’s co-host Doug McBurney reminds listeners that God is recording not only ALL of our phone calls, but “every idle word…”

We're Moving:Bob & co-host Doug McBurney discuss the efforts of Denver Bible Church to acquire a meeting place. Doug says CNN has acknowledged a BEL prophecy about Christians in the closet, God is recording every Americans phone calls & reasons 680 & 681 to keep your kids out of the government schools. And Bob recaps reasons 1-5.




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