Satanists in the Public Square!

* God vs Satan: Satanists in Oklahoma, (in league with the Oklahoma ACLU) have filed a notification of their intent to install a satanic monument on the Oklahoma Capital grounds right next to the proposed Ten Commandments Monument. Bob’s loyal co-host Doug McBurney sits in for Bob and says to the Satanists, “bring it on!”

* Let Them Eat Cake: That was the decision of a Colorado judge who sanctioned a Christian baker who refused to make a wedding cake for two sexually perverse men who insist they are “married”! Doug draws comparisons to other dictates from previous dictators.

* Water World: Bob calls in from an undisclosed location where he is researching Walt Brown’s Hydroplate theory for what promises to be the most significant event in Creation Science this year.

* Today’s ResourceSee Bob Enyart's groundbreaking documentary Focus on the Strategy 2! Learn how to do your part to restore the pro-life movement to its biblical foundation and to end America’s “legalized” child killing. Focus 2 has cameo appearances from our friends including Notre Dame law professor Charles Rice, Ambassador Alan Keyes, Life Dynamic's Mark Crutcher, American Life League president Judie Brown, and founding board member of Nat'l RTL and Americans United for Life John Archibold.