Be Careful What You Watch!

* My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys: Says Bob’s loyal co-host Doug McBurney, but only if they sign ESPN’s latest acquisition, Tim Tebow!

* Promoting Homos Fights HIV? That’s what the USAID bureaucrats think, as they suggest the key to slowing the spread of HIV in Latin America is to promote homosexuality, do away with “hetero-centric gender norms” and ensure “gender equal health care”… proving once again that sin indeed leads to mental illness!

* Prime Time Sin: When Robin Roberts of Good Morning America announced to the world that she is a sexual deviant living in destructive sin, Bob Enyart called her sin what it is & encouraged her to repent. But he also noted that no one in the conservative media, neither talk radio, or FoxNews has done the same. In fact, they celebrate her and Phil Robertson, (or at least Phil’s right to free speech). Proving once again that sin leads to mental illness.

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