Helping the “Hani-capped”

* Archeologists Confirm Bible (again): Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney discuss the discovery of evidence of the Davidic kingdom as recorded in the Bible, (along with the site of battle of David against Goliath). Noah’s Ark remains elusive, but King David may finally convince the scholars that he was real!

* Jailbreak: Bob’s known for advocating a swift, painful death penalty for criminals convicted of capital crimes. And a jailbreak in Baghdad over the weekend confirms that Bob is right!

* Cruz Control: After visiting with Christians over the weekend, Senator Ted Cruz says America needs a revival and that we're about to fall of another ledge in the bottomless precipie.

* Fox in the Hen House: Fox News, considered by many “Hanicapped” Americans to be the last bastion of conservative news left in America donated to dems more than double the money given to RE-pubs in the last election cycle. Surprised?

* Beck & Barton do the Dobson Two-Step: Glenn Beck, (card carrying member of the laughable ridiculous Mormon cult) sounded like a fundamentalist pastor on his show, even reading from 1st Timothy and publicly taking a very “Dobsonesque” pledge about God’s opinion of a man’s vote…

* KGOV Definitions: The Daily Beast is the carcass of Newsweek magazine.

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