Cops & Robbers are Chasin' Jo Scott

* Christa Pryor Accuses Jo and Tony Massey: Bob Enyart interviews Jo Scott about the latest, bizarre accusation against her and another pro-life hero, Mr. Massey. These two, along with the other faithful Christian witnesses at Denver's Planned Parenthood abortion mill, have saved six children so far this year from being dismembered by an abortionist. Krista Pryor, who is a convicted felon, meanwhile, inexplicably has accused Jo and Tony of following her many miles as they all left the abortuary two weeks ago on a Thursday. Jo and Tony left the mill and directly drove many miles north where she interacted with family members and went shopping, all in a very brief time frame. Hopefully the police will at least run her cell phones whereabouts on March 7th in the hopes of short-circuiting this latest madness.

* Bob and Jo Scott Interview Wife of Deceased Montana Doctor: See below for Carol Mungas' moving letter to the editor to the Great Falls Tribune. And please contact a Montana legislator of your choosing and urge him or her to oppose the current effort to allow euthanasia in their state.

* This Week on Denver's 7News: Bob Enyart said on 7News to Colorado's ABC audience that Christians who say that the death penalty is immoral are unwittingly accusing God the Father of being unjust, for He required a payment of death to pay for the sin of the world. We thank God for the opportunity to promote the principles of the Gospel on the nightly news! Please also see

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* The Letter of Carol Magnus About Her Late Husband James Mungas:

Against suicide

My husband, Dr. James E. Mungas, was a respected physician and surgeon here in Great Falls. He developed amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and I took care of him. His mind was clear and thought processes unimpaired. He was against assisted suicide and euthanasia.

I needed to travel out of town for a day and a half. We agreed he would stay at a local care facility in my absence. Once there, nurses began administering morphine. After the first dose, my husband knew that he had been overdosed and typed out a message to call respiratory therapy. None came that day. Over the next few days, he struggled to breathe and desperately struggled to remain conscious to communicate, but the nurses kept pushing the morphine button and advised our children to do the same. My children and I did not understand the extent morphine would repress the respiratory system until later.

This was neither palliative care nor managing pain; this was hastening death. He was effectively euthanized against his will. He did not get his choice. It is traumatic, still, to realize his last communications were attempts to get help.

As illustrated by my husband's case, doctors and nurses already misuse or abuse the power they have. The stakes are too high to consider expanding their power by legalizing assisted-suicide. The recent guest column by Dr. Stephen Speckart and other doctors claims that assisted suicide is already legal. For that reason, I support House Bill 505, which clearly states that assisted suicide is not legal.

— Carol Mungas
Great Falls, Montana