Duck Dynasty: Conservatives Quack Up.

* Allegedly Conservative Talkers Insult Phil Robertson: All those defending Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson by reference to free speech and freedom of religion are hypocritically undermining the family, the church, and the nation. To demonstrate: If the A&E Network had fired a Muslim who said some vile statement comparing Jews to animals (as commonly broadcast in the Middle East), none of these "conservative" talking heads would be criticizing the decision. In the current cultural climate, the only way to actually defend Phil Robertson is to affirm that he was correct to describe homosexuality as a disgusting sin. Instead, these alleged conservatives are actually insulting him by raising issues like free speech and freedom of religion. They also undermine the authority of Jesus Christ who said that God made us male and female (not Adam and Steve) at the beginning of the creation. revealing their own vile hypocrisy by condemning the truth Phil spoke regarding the sinful destructive nature of homosexuality and other sexual perversion. Further, most of the "conservatives" who have "defended" Robertson have actually affirmed homosexuals (and thereby undermined the Gospel, the Bible, the family, Jesus Christ Himself, and even Duck Dynasty) as when Sarah Palin said on Fox News that even her lesbian friend thinks that A&E over-reacted. Sarah, give us a break.

* Living Dead Girls on Fox News: After today's program, one of our listeners chastised Bob and Doug for saying sexist things about the women anchors on the Fox News Channel. We pray that this isn't true, but also, we considered the criticism and did not simply dismiss it. Of course we were not criticizing the way these women look in real life, but the way that they are made up as Barbie doll prostitutes with pancake make-up so white and thick that they look like something out of an open casket wake. To Doug, they look like post-op trans-gendered teenage boys. Bob even refers to the liberal (i.e., anti right-to-life, pro-homosexual, pro-evolution) host of the Kelly Files as Megyn Morticia Kelly. Megyn’s not a liberal you say? Well, here are her comments to Jay Leno:

Leno: People assume that if you’re on Fox News, just as they do if you’re on MSNBC, you have a certain bias. How do you deal with…you seem pretty straight down the line.

Kelly: I am, thank you. I’m a straight news anchor. I’m not one of the opinion hosts at Fox. But I always laugh because I’ll have a conservative pull me aside and say “I love your conservative principles,” and I’ll say “You assume too much.” And then the liberals will pull me aside and say, “I know you’re one of us,” and I’ll say, “You assume too much.” But I always say that if you assume that I’m this conservative operative, ask Karl Rove if that’s true.

Bill O'Reilly decides what he will wear, how long his hair will be, etc. As adults, the women on FNC likewise decide how they will dress, how they will present themselves, how much skin they will show, etc. Aside from not standing up for the right to life of the unborn child, and being pro-homosexual and even somewhat socialist, the liberal Fox News women also desensitize their "conservative" and Christian audience to the problem of the objectification of women who's bodies are merchandized for ratings, just as though Rupert Murdoch wore a fur coat, flair pants, and four pounds of jewelry.

* Hit Back at the Homo Bullies: Co-host Doug McBurney is positively giddy at what he calls the first successful corporate “punch back” against the bullies in the homosexual lobby. It’s Cracker Barrel's repentance over their suspension of Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty materials, and it gives Doug some hope, (now see Under Armor’s stance) that perhaps leadership from Phil and others will encourage normal people to realize they need not continue to be cowed by the radical homosexuals.

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