Bob & Doug, Kerry, Castro & God

* God Does Exist: An Oakland man kills his friend while allegedly arguing over the existence of God, (and while certainly consuming copious quantities of alcohol & cocaine). Bob points out to co-host Doug McBurney that; for at least one of the men involved in the argument, the debate is settled!

* Fair & Balanced Bombing: Bob offers advice to John Kerry about how to best resolve the current situation in Syria…

* Stoner Booby Trapped: An upstate New York pothead was accidentally decapitated & killed by the booby trap he installed around his pot farm. See KGOV’s growing list of marijuana deaths!

* Colorado Right to Life Banquet: Join Bob, Doug & Alan Keyes this Saturday evening at Holiday Inn Stapleton for the banquet! Go to the CRTL Website to register, or call 888-888-CRTL!

* Good News / Bad News: The bad news is that Ariel Castro left prison after serving just 33 days of his 1000 year sentence… The good news, he was immediately introduced to Jesus Christ after committing suicide.

*Reasons 704-706: to get, or keep your kids out of the government schools: a high school stabbing spree in Spring, Texas, an all male gang rape in Somerville Mass, and another similar gang rape in Sumter SC.

* Atheist Pledge of Allegiance: After Doug brings the story of the atheists challenge to the phrase “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance, Bob points out that the atheists have apparently pledged to remain obsessively pre-occupied with anything having to do with the Christian God, (more commonly known as just “God”).

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