Real Science Radio: Is God Outside of Time?

Is God Outside of Time?* Christian, This Show Can Knock Your Socks Off: Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams present amazing Scripture passages and many common biblical phrases regarding God's relationship to time. Also, the guys point out that the things that the Bible repeatedly says about "time" is almost completely ignored, whereas most Christian theologians uncritically accept and repeat what pagan humanist philosophers have said about time. Go figure!

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* INITIAL FEEDBACK: Listeners who agree with today's program are telling us here at RSR that they love today's show. Of course, many listeners disagree, but we are hearing from some of the folks who disagree that they thought that we would be using humanist and an anti-physics arguments, but that they were surprised that our presentation from Scripture seemed substantive and that we certainly did not ignore the challenge from modern physics. Thank you to everyone who consider what Fred Williams and Bob Enyart have to offer on this foundational matter!

* Pagan Greek Philosophers Have Said that God Is:

- timeless,
- in an eternal now,
- not was, nor will be, but only is,
- has no past
- has no future.

Of course NOT ONE of these phrases is in the Bible. They're from Plato. And they're uncritically repeated by the Christian authors of typical systematic theology textbooks, and therefore, taught to young ministers in seminary.

In contrast, the Bible's statements about God and time are totally different. The phrases in the Scriptures all speak of God existing through unending time and an everlasting duration. The above timelessness terms are foreign to the reader of God's Word, whereas the Bible's many terms, as listed below, are all so very familiar from our reading of Scripture.

* The Bible Says about  Time that God Is:

Everlasting - From of old - Before ever He had formed the earth - The Ancient of Days - Before the world was - From before the ages of the ages - From ancient times - He continues forever - Remains forever - Immortal - The Lord shall endure forever - Forever and ever - Who lives forever - God’s years - manifest in His own time - God who is - Alive forevermore - Who was - Who is to come - Always lives - Forever - In the age to come - Continually - God’s years never end - From everlasting to everlasting - From that time forward, even forever - And of His kingdom there will be no end.

Of course ALL THESE are verbatim phrases from Scripture. NOT ONE MEANS TIMELESSNESS. Rather, they mean unending duration. So the Bible teaches the opposite of pagan Greek philosophy. (This is not surprising seeing, for example, that in Plato's Republic he says the state should decide when a woman can have a baby; that at birth the state should permanently take away babies from their parents; and that a baby born without the state's consent should be killed.)

For more about Time, God, the Bible, and physics, listen to this program, and then check out our article at

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