Tebow's Turnover

* Fashion From Hell: The Iranian Mullahs photo-shopped an image of Michelle Obama to cover her. Bob’s co-host Doug McBurney asks if it was due to perceived immodesty, or was it just that Michelle Obama wears horrible looking outfits, that would offend even a Mullah’s fashion sensibilities? Bob points out that Christian modesty falls somewhere between the Burka and a GoDaddy commercial.

* The Final Assault: As the US Supreme Court hears cases that may legalize homo marriage in June, Human Rights Campaign announces a million dollar ad blitz, promoting homosexuality. And their headline advocates? Dick Cheney, Colin (polyp) Powell & George W. Bush’s wife Laura. Also appearing… Michelle Obama. Coming to a Sunday morning talk show near you.

* Tim Tebow Chokes: The well-publicized withdrawal of Tim Tebow from an appearance at a fundamentalist Baptist Church leads Pastor Bob to admonish the young Mr. Tebow for turning over the momentum of his career to the wiles of the enemy. Bob also warns Tim that compromise between Christianity and open homosexuality is impossible and that in the public square, the two are mutually exclusive!