Be on the Lookout for This Man!

* William Costello’s War on Women: Colorado authorities lowered bail and set free William Costello, linked by DNA to at least 3 rapes, (and now 2 other crimes). But why was he arrested, (and his DNA taken) in the first place? Read the mainstream press and you’d never know that he was arrested for assaulting a Personhood campaign volunteer (and friend of BEL) Everett Stadig. Bob and his co-host Doug McBurney bring you the latest news, and offer some ideas about Justice that the Judge in this case needs to hear!

* Happy Birthday Bob: Thursday marks 50 (or so) years since Bob Enyart was born! While Bob insists no gifts are necessary, will you join Doug in making a birthday contribution to Denver Bible Church? Your gift will help keep Bob on the air, and help all of us keep teaching the world that god is real!

* Just Another Day in Paradise (Lost): A Pregnant woman was shot and killed in Miami, a man in San Francisco set a woman on fire, and in Missouri a killer dismembered his victim and threw the body parts at witnesses. These are just the most heinous headlines of the day as America’s broken Just-a-System visits death and destruction upon the innocent.

* The Missing Link: In all the coverage surrounding the latest school massacre, one link seems to be overlooked by the mainstream, godless, leftist hysterical media. Hear about an eye opening report from WND regarding anti-depressant drugs and their connection to the killing.

* Biblically Correct Football Pick: Bob and Doug analyze this Saturday’s matchup between the Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens from a “biblically correct” perspective. Find out whom to root for, and why!




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