Terrorism, Gold & Personhood

* Reason 677: to keep, (or get) your kids out of the government schools. Co-host Doug McBurney tells Bob about how the Kentucky government schools capitulated to the demand of a bunch of heathens that displays of the Ten Commandments be removed from school property.

* God & Man at Yale: Utilitarian “ethicist” Peter Singer will chair a conference on “non-human” Personhood at Yale while across America, citizens of varying levels of education, (and most are not Ivy League graduates), continue their work to establish the personhood of human persons.

* Gilded Age: Doug recounts his purchase of gold back in 2008 as a hedge against a collapsing economy and the election of a Marxist to the presidency, leading to an interesting, and perhaps controversial discussion of investment strategies...

* Terrorism Breaking News: Hear live coverage of facts as they were revealed regarding the Boston Marathon bombings.




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