Back o’ the Bus

* Snowden: Traitor or Hero: Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney called Edward Snowden a traitor from day one, and he wonders aloud if any of the talk show hosts who called him a hero have publicly repented…

* Body Count: Chicago’s Police Superintendent is “disappointed” that so many people have been murdered in 2013. But he’s quick to point out the he and Rahm Emanuel have the situation under control, with just 11 dead and 61 wounded over the 4th of July holiday!

* Elementary School Murder: In a state where Governor Rick Perry allows the slaughter of thousands of innocent children every year, we were still shocked to learn of a 13 year old arrested for murdering a 5 year old in Texas.

* Hernandez, Gronkowski & Tebow: With the Patriots in a bind, having lost the services of their heathen tight end duo, (one being an accused murderer and the other a potential rapist & garden variety meat head; could Tim Tebow be called upon to do the work of two lesser men? McBurney says he can, and he can still back up Tom Brady, should he go down, (or in the unlikely event that he too is arrested)…

* Progressive Sterilizes Prisoners: In the spirit of supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, a California prison doctor has been “flaunting regulations” and sterilizing female prisoners.

* Cornel & the Queers: “Post-modern professor” Cornel West is not upset about the media always lumping blacks in with homos, but he is upset that the queers are leapfrogging him when it comes to civil rights advancement. Cornel should have known that eventually the homos aim to subjugate everyone, including the fools who call them “my gay brothers”.

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