Don Johnson on Programming of Life Pt 2

*  Don Johnson on RSR re: the Book: Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart concludes his interview with Dr. Don Johnson. Have you noticed? In conversations with secular evolutionists, Bob and Don note that most of them when pressed will suggest that something that is wildly unlikely (such as a DNA sequence arising that would code for a unique protein) is just as likely to happen as things that are virtually 100% certain (like still having a deck of cards after you've shuffled them, or still having a beach after a child has played in the sand). The order of the cards in the deck and of the grains of sand have been mixed up, but in both cases, after making a sand castle and after shuffling, it's about 100% likely that you still have a beach and a deck of cards. Such atheists present themselves as unable to distinguish probabilities between something certain and something that has less than a googol-to-one chance of occurring. You might not want to miss Part 1 of this important interview!


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* RSR Flashback: Did Miller/Urey Create Life in the Lab? Articles in the Rocky Mountain News (before it folded) and in the Colorado Springs Gazette (back when they could afford to keep their archives online) quoted Denver Museum curator Dr. Kirk Johnson saying that creationists like our friends at BC Tours are "quite backward and intellectually dishonest" and that "they don't believe science exists." This came from the man, whom we refer to as Captain Kirk, who told us that he doesn't know if he exists! Bob's letter to the Gazette quotes from a Denver Museum exhibit and then asks, "It's been fifty years since that Miller experiment. Don't they know if they made life yet or not?"

* "We Don't Know When Life Begins" From a great article at American Right To Life:

Ten thousand times over, the Roe v. Wade opinion has been quoted approvingly by those who advocate the killing of unborn children: "We need not resolve the difficult question of when life begins." During the 2008 U.S. presidential race, then-Senator Barack Obama said during a candidate forum regarding when a "baby" gets "human rights," that "answering that question" even from "a scientific perspective... is above my pay grade." President Obama and Nancy Pelosi, for example, as representative leaders of their political party, have both indicated that even "scientifically," it is not known when life begins. Unless they ask God to soften their hard hearts, they will never understand the precious personhood of the child, at least not as long as they pretend to be so confused even regarding biological life.

* RSR Adds: Remember though, far worse than an atheist/liberal/democrat/unbeleiver approving of abortion is the Christian/conservative/creationist/pro-lifer who knows that the unborn child is a person made in God's image, who then consents to killing one.

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