What's the Problem with Romneycare? Really.

Bob Enyart and Doug McBurney answer those who ask why wouldn't God protect people from natural disasters, like the typhoon in the Philippines. The guys also discuss North Korea executing Christians for possessing Bibles, and the similarities between some mega churches (as run by Joel Olsteen and Rick Warren for example) with the "atheist churches"; and they noticed the irony of Bill Clinton urging others to keep their commitments, and discussed kgov.com/on-doubt.

From Theology Online, Jefferson selected this as the best quote of the show:

"Hillary treated women who were used and even sexually harassed and sexually assaulted by a white man in power like they were dirt. Like they were scum. Mocking them. Blaming the victim and defending the womanizer and the predator. And Hillary is held up by our culture as a hero of women. When you rebel against God, there’s only insanity left." -Bob Enyart


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