The President (and the Evolutionists) Lied!

* Fox News BREAKING! Barak Obama lied about healthcare! You heard it here first! Well, actually for the thousandth time. Bob and Doug ridicule the mainstream “conservative” media for pointing out the obvious ad nauseam.

* Drones over Planned Parenthood: Bob tells co-host Doug McBurney about Amazon’s plans to deliver via drone, and how he was first in line to order a copy of Dan Becker’s “Personhood” be delivered via drone strike to Planned Parenthood in Denver.

* War on Christians: Forget the war on Christmas! There’s a real war against Christians being made by the heathen’s running the government. Bob and Doug discuss the Christian town of Ocean Grove NJ being denied government welfare (and what a blessing that is) after Super Storm Sandy.

* Everything Old is New Again: Learn about the formation of geologic features in days, weeks, & months even though your 8th grade science teacher told you it took thousands of years!


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