Plate Tectonics: Subduction Doesn't Happen

* RSR Interviews Dr. Walt Brown: Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart interviews Dr. Walt Brown on the accepted dogma of plate tectonics which theory claims that the crust of the earth has broken up into many plates which allegedly subduct under each other causing earthquakes, volcanoes, and those amazing ocean trenches. None of that, however, is true.

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* Many Leading Experts Agree: There is tremendous observational evidence in the vicinity of the ocean trenches that contradicts the subduction claims of plate tectonics. Hear from the world's leading plate tectonics experts openly admitting the extreme contradiction between their theory and the actual ocean depths!

RSR'S global flood video in DVD, Blu-ray, HD download, and streaming...* The Atlantic vs. the Pacific: Even superficially, plate tectonics theory does a poor job of explaining the extreme differences between the ocean basins on the opposite sides of the globe. In the Atlantic, vast swaths of the seafloor show exposed mantle, as tens of thousands of square kilometers of the earth's crust (inexplicably, by plate tectonics) is missing there. Meanwhile, in the Pacific, tens of thousands of square kilometers of crustal rock is buried deep below the ocean floor. The Pacific basin is deeper than the Atlantic, contains almost all (16) of the ocean trenches, and holds 40,000 tablemounts, that is, submerged volcanoes at least one kilometer in height. Unlike plate tectonics, the hydroplate theory explains all these differences beautifully and directly.

* Why Plates Have Not Subducted: See Dr. Brown's chapter on the Origin of Ocean Trenches and his Subduction Table 4 on the evidence against subduction. See this fascinating list of evidence falsifying the plate tectonics theory! Man's humanist alternative to God's Word is unreliable.

* Why Seafloor Spreading is Not Happening: Search for the word "spreading" on three pages of Dr. Brown's website, HydroplateOverview3, Trenches3, and Trenches5, and see also Magnetic Variations on the Ocean Floor, and endnote 67 about the Curie Point under the Mid-Oceanic Ridge.

* MEASURE THE DISTANCE in alleged ridge spreading:

Photo the the mid-Atlantic ridge exposed in Iceland

* Total Stations and Interferometry Devices Could Prove Ridge Spreading: Either with interferometry devices or Total Stations, within days, plate tectonics advocates could measure and thereby prove the claimed ridge spreading, especially in easily accessible Iceland. They don't. A report published by Stanford's National Accelerator Laboratory states, "A few years ago the most accurate total station distance meters, after extensive calibration, could approach 1mm. Today, certain Leica total stations achieve 0.1mm right out of the box. [Consider the] differences between distances measured with four [Leica] TC2002s and [Stanford's SLAC] interferometer [which reduces] the measurement standard deviation from 73 to 52 microns [millionths of a meter]." Walt Brown discussed with J. Tuzo Wilson, one of the fathers of plate tectonics, the failure of geologists to measure ridge spreading, and Walt also had such discussions in his many meetings with Bob Dietz (who coined the term seafloor spreading). 2014 Update: To find out more, you can pre-order Bob Enyart's The Global Flood and the Hydroplate Theory DVD by calling 1-800-8Enyart.

* MEASURE THE DISTANCE from the slain to the city: Not one to miss an opportunity to remind people of America's corporate responsibility to protect children from being dismembered by Planned Parenthood abortionists, Bob Enyart wants to remind you that the Bible teaches us to "measure the distance" from a murdered body to determine which is the nearest town, and whichever town that is, God will hold them corporately responsible for that murder. Why? Because He expects those who fear Him to maintain a safe and secure society. See the relevant Bible passage in the show summary at Bob's interview titled, "Measure the distance" with T. Russell Hunter.

Today's Resource: The Hydroplate Theory & Walt Brown On the Air presents eleven 30-minute radio shows that aired on the most powerful Christian radio station in America, Denver's AM 670 KLTT! Hear Dr. Brown explain the Hydroplate Theory, and hear his great insights on the origin of the grand canyon, limestone, where the water went after the global flood, and on the theory of evolution. Hear also a Q&A session with Bob Enyart answering callers related questions. And enjoy Kevin Lea, hydroplate expert, on the origin of comets and about the frozen mammoths, earthquakes, and the origin of our 365-day year. Finally, Fred Williams and Bob present Walt's extensively researched hypothesis on the origin of Earth's radioactivity. (Oh yeah, and you'll LOVE Dr. Brown's book, In the Beginning! Gotta get that!!)

In Denver? If so, you're invited to join Bob attending Friday night's Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship at 7 p.m. to hear Wayne Spencer on Rethinking Planetary Science!

Jan. 22, 2013 Update -- Why Relatively Few Craters on Earth? At that meeting, Wayne Spencer rightly disagreed with those creationists who claim that many of the impacts on the Moon, Mercury, and Mars, occurred during the creation week. Spencer argued that such impactors are destructive forces, and suggested instead that the impacts would have hit at the time of the global flood. The question was raised, though, why the Earth, so much larger, would not have been equally bombarded, even though the Earth has an atmosphere and so would have burned up the small impactors. Bob suggested to the group that, because it was covered in tumultuous water, and because the surface was being reworked by the floodwaters, liquefaction, and enormous tectonic activity, much of the evidence of such collisions would have been erased. Also, the absence of meteorites from deep in the sedimentary layers of the geologic column, and the fact that the largest lunar impacts hit what is today the near side of the moon (creating the maria), argue against eons of impactors hitting the Earth, and mitigate against them hitting the Moon from random directions.

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