Calling all Sinners

Terri Schiavo Debrief (vital analysis to hasten pro-life victory)Proving once again that Bob regularly does the work of two men, guest hosts Doug McBurney & Gregg Jackson discuss Ted Cruz, godliness, Las Vegas, getting saved, the news of the day and why it’s so ungodly.

Today's Resource: The lessons learned from this personhood analysis of the failed Terri Schiavo battle are vital for hastening our eventual pro-life victory. This Terri Schindler Shiavo Debrief, as an instant audio download or mailed on an MP3 CD, includes:

  1. Nurse Tells Terri's Story
  2. Two Sermons in the News
  3. 5th Year in Office vs. 5th Year
  4. CNN's Catherine Crier: Save Peterson, Kill Terri
  5. Pro-Life now Pro-Suicide
  6. National Pro-Life Strategy
  7. Extraordinary Measures with Columbine Dad Brian Rohrbough
  8. The Guy Who Tried... with Doug McBurney
  9. Rocky Mtn News: As pastor, do you approve...
  10. Hern, Prager, Medved, Hewitt
  11. Terri 1963 - 2005
  12. Debriefing Karl Henderson
  13. A Key Death in Our Time

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