Not Willing to Lose? You’re a Loser

* Cuccinelli Goes Left… Loses to Vampire: Bob’s co-host Doug McBurney details the story of Terry Mcauliffe’s investment strategy of profiting from the deaths of terminally ill patients, before his run for governor of Virginia. Re-publican challenger Bob Cuccinelli is a shoe in right? Wrong! Bob explains how “moderate” RE-publican establishment consultants (like the ones advising Cuccinelli to avoid social conservatism) have made a living destroying conservatism within the RE-publican party! And that if Republican candidates are not willing to lose an election for standing on righteous principles… then they’re losers!!


* Of O.J & Jon Benet: Bob and Doug discuss the continuing political co-opting of liberal reporters by politicians since they burned O.J. Simpson, and the embarrassing “journalism” of Nancy Grace, Geraldo Rivera (and others) as they erroneously report a mystical "3rd party" mentioned in the indictment of John & Patsy Ramsey for the death of 6 year old Jon Benet. And the indictment does not undermine Bob’s theory of the clue that breaks the case!

God and the Death Penalty




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