Obama's Presidential Retreat

* You put WHAT in my Petri Dish?: Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney takes note of a study published in “Cell Regeneration Journal” in which tooth-like tissue was grown from adult stem cells found in urine, (of all places). And there’s a lot more where those came from!

* The “Final Resolution”: Palestinian president Ma-HAM-moud Abbas echoed long simmering sentiments when he told Egyptian leaders what the “Final Resolution” of the “Jewish problem” would look like. And for him, it would look a lot like Hitler’s “Final Solution”.

* Our Persecuted Brothers: Listen in to a report about the Christian persecution and torture that is taking place in the midst of the Arab “Spring”.

* See the System Work: While it took the state of Ohio over 25 years to decide what to do with a convicted murderer, the citizens finally had a chance to “see the system work” when he was found hanging dead in his cell!

* The Obama Doctrine - “Hide!”: America’s president, (like it or not) is telling our embassy officials to hide from the terrorists while simultaneously hiding Benghazi survivors to whom congress and the people would like to speak!

God and the Death Penalty




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