Notice to KHOW's Michael Brown

* Guns Are NOT for Shooting Governing Officials: Bob Enyart of course defends the God-given right to keep and bear arms. However, he lambasts those "conservatives" (whatever that even means) who wrongly and dangerously claim, following Thomas Jefferson, that the reason that we have a right to bear arms is so that the public can use their weapons against a tyrannical government. People do not have the right to kill their mayors, senators, presidents, nor police officers, regardless of whether or not the government is tyrannical. Bob was especially angry at Brown, a competing talk show host over at Denver's KHOW radio, because Michael did not rebuke the caller, who said, about the Southern California murderer Christopher Dorner, and I'll paraphrase:

Michael, perhaps we shouldn't be so quick to criticize the former cop, because as you often say, guns are not for hunting, but for the people to defend themselves against a tyrannical government. When is enough enough? Perhaps this Christopher Dorner just had enough of government injustice and couldn't take it anymore.

I was so angry at Michael Brown for not rebuking this dangerous caller. Thankfully, while not developing the whole "we have the right to kill tyrannical governing officials" immorality, still, Brown actually defended the caller's question. And that was utterly irresponsible and despicable. God is right. Jefferson was wrong. Yes, men have the God-given right to be armed for self defense. No, citizens do not have the right to use their guns to throw off their unjust government.

* Two Gun Truths that Only We Know:

1) The Supreme Court Admits Right to Bear Arms Applies to Individuals: For decades liberals, as at the Daily Beast after the Newton massacre, claim that the U.S. Supreme Court has never held that the right to bear arms is a right of individual citizens. Rather, they allege, it is a right of militias. Conservatives always fire back (as at The Blaze: Does the Second Amendment Only Apply to State Militias?) but they do so with an unloaded weapon. Here's a bit of important jurisprudence history that is known only to the staff here at Bob Enyart Live. The right of individual citizens to keep and carry their arms wherever they go, generally speaking, was admitted by the U.S. Supreme Court in a majority decision which written by the chief justice. For our first 20 years on air here at Bob Enyart Live, we shared that information, the case, the year, the citation, and the relevant excerpts, with many other conservative talk show hosts, leaders, and with national gun-rights organizations and their leaders. We've now given up. Our audience will have to be satisfied knowing, without the details, that the U.S. Supreme Court in a majority decision did write, unequivocally, that the right to bear arms is a right of individual citizens. However, if that information is ever to become publically known, don't look for it from the NRA, nor even the Gun Owners of America. And don't look for it from us either here at We're done with that fight.

2) The Phrase "Second Amendment Right" Undermines the Right to Own Guns: The right to life doesn't come from the 5th Amendment. It comes from God. All human rights come, not from the government, but from the Creator. (See Where Do Rights Come From?) Saying that rights come from the Constitution, the government, the majority, etc., is an effective way to undermine the public's understanding that rights do not come from the government, but from God. The government has no authority to deprive anyone of their inalienable rights. However, if the government (or the Constitution) giveth, then the government can taketh away.
Incessantly referring to one's "second amendment rights" is a great way to help the Democrats rob you of your God-given right to self defense.
* Check Out the Vigilante Worksheet: To better understand the fundamental principles of justice, governance, self-defense, and the proper use of lethal force, see the Vigilante Worksheet at American Right To Life. About this worksheet, Dr. Ronda Chervin wrote, "Dear American RTL, I just read your Vigilante Worksheet. I am a pro-life professor of ethics. I plan to use this in class. It is the best thing on this subject I have ever read. I just want to thank you profusely for devising it."

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