Celebrations Marred by Bloodshed

* Life in the Wilderness: Since Roe v. Wade ostensibly legalized child killing nation-wide in 1973, polls have shifted up and down, but Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney is convinced that 40 years of legal child killing has produced a generation that wants to say they’re pro-life, but are OK with the killing of some kids.

* Ray Lewis -- After Disneyland: The host reminds those caught up in the Super Bowl frenzy about the facts in the murder case against Ray Lewis, and what he will face, win, lose or draw, on Judgment Day.

* Just Another Massacre? The latest massacre, of a family of five in New Mexico, barely registers in the collective consciousness of the nation, and even in the minds of God’s people for the horror that it is, because we’re becoming numb to the shock of mass murder.

* Ce-le-brate Good Times… come on? The latest litany of murder and mayhem across America is reviewed in light of the spirit of celebration on a day that hosted both Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and the presidential inauguration, not to mention the morning after NFL play-off celebrations. Hear about the “Sweet 16” party, turned murder-suicide, the story of five teenagers shot on MLK Drive on MLK Day, and the Atlanta Falcons fan stabbed in the neck in the run up to this year’s Super Bowl.

* …On a Stack of Bibles: Find out why Barry was sworn in on two Bibles at his presidential inauguration, (and no, it wasn’t just so no-one would see the hidden Koran, bookmarked with the latest version of his birth certificate).

Programming Note: Bob will return to the studio, Lord willing, tomorrow, Tue., Jan. 22nd. Turns out he was traveling in Arizona for a hockey tournament combined with science field trips. Two of his sons picked up a few wins and one goal, and the three toured Tuscon's Biosphere 2 to get some background for an upcoming Real Science Radio show, and they had a productive meeting in Pheonix with the world's most important scientist, Dr. Walt Brown!