Full Time Job Just Correcting Glenn Beck

* Glenn Beck Won't Give His Wife a Break, EVER: Regarding the talk show host's claim that marriage is eternal and continues after death, Jesus said to Glenn Beck, "Are you not therefore mistaken, because you do not know the Scriptures nor the power of God?", to which, those in his audience who knew the Lord responded, "Amen!"

* Glenn Beck Wants to Let Homos Marry: Regarding the talk show host's ad hoc method of trying to avoid the topic of homosexual marriage by saying that the government should have no authority over marriage, Hurricane Enyart said to Glenn Beck: "You are mistaken again because you do not know the Scriptures." First, our BEL article The Bible and Polygamy presents the prohibition of polygamy in New Testament times, something it took your child-sacrificing Mormon cult many decades to find out. Secondly, our BEL article The Government's Role in Certifying Marriage, explains for example that:

- God instituted family (including marriage), church, and government
- A marriage is lawful or unlawful, and enforcement of legality is the government's domain
- To administer marriage requires the use of force, including to prevent incestuous marriage
- The administration of divorce, division of property, and child custody also requires force
- Only government can use administrative force (to compel court appearance, enforce rulings, etc.)
- Only government can compel testimony regarding marital status, child custody, etc.
- God requires marriage for sexual relations even in atheistic and pagan nations with no virtually church
- Throughout human history all cultures have recognized marriage, including pagan societies
- The Book of Exodus implies that God saw the marriage of the pagan Potiphar as inviolable
- Jesus said the Samaritans did not know God but He recognized their divorce and remarriage
- A divorced Samaritan woman's cohabitation did not make the man her husband, Jesus agreed
- 3,500 years of Judeo-Christian history since Moses recognized adultery as not only a sin but as a crime
- Judeo-Christian legal history still recognizes prostitution as not only a sin but as a crime
- Government prohibition of prostitution is related to its certification of marriage
- Government should nullify unlawful marriages such as those to children and androgynous marriages
- A bad government, as Jesus showed, like a bad dad, still has a responsibility to do rightly
- People should disobey evil government commands, but otherwise generally submit to the authorities
- A strictly private or church wedding protects no one against governmental divorce decrees
- Without government's authority, God's institution is destroyed by a virtual marital anarchy
- Christians who argue otherwise unintentionally undermine God's institution by promoting marital anarchy

Today's Resource:
The Bible, Divorce and Remarriage - DVD

A divorced man tells Bob he wants to remarry. His pastor, however, refuses to perform the ceremony, claiming that God forbids it. Is the pastor correct? In this video, Bob reads super secret Bible passages regarding divorce and remarriage which very few Christians realize exist. Is that really in my Bible? You bet it is!