Prophecy of the Flagman

* The Road to Morocco: Bob’s guest host Doug McBurney took inspiration when a crowd of Moroccan citizens persuaded their king to withdraw the pardon of a convicted child molester. Our host posits the question once again: “who was the lawyer who convinced Americans that we must tolerate child molesters in our communities?”

* The Fruit of Fornication: When an ad goes up on Craigslist offering a baby for sale for $100, Doug asks the question: “Should this be legal?” Listen in for that, followed by a condemnation and rebuke of the governing officials who have decriminalized fornication, effectively sentencing a generation of young children to be raised by parents who are no more than heathen children themselves!

* Enter the Flagman: Caller Shawn from Commerce City, CO may be a humble flagman on the highways and byways of our land, but his wise council is taken directly from the Word of God when he tells parents about the importance of teaching their children from the Bible!




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