Creation & Economics

* Reason 675: to keep, (or get) your kids out of the government schools. Co-host Doug McBurney informs Bob of the latest fad in the government schools, called "Big Booting". This schoolyard game involves a "kick to the head" from one student upon another just for fun…

* Just Shy of Brilliant: Having read Ludwig von Mises’ magnum opus on economics “Human Action”, (and having inserted hundreds of hand written notes) Bob entrusted Doug with his copy in order to punish Doug for some past offense... Listen in as Bob and Doug discuss economics, philosophy, history, atheism, money and credit in light of von Mises’ insightful observations, that, because of his atheism, are doomed to fall short of a comprehensive theory of human action, (and likely ended up getting him sent to Hell). His atheism created Mises' massive blindspot, whereby he emphatically insisted repeatedly that his science of "praxeology" (economics, and the wider sphere of human action) was not based on values of any kind, and then typically, within a paragraph or a page, he himself would falsify that claim. For socialism is wrong only because it violates God's enduring command, Thou shall not steal. And Mises rightly points out economic calculation is impossible in an (interventionist) socialist context. For example, how much money could an entrepreneur reasonably invest to purchase a 90-room luxurious beachfront resort in Venezeula while the socialist Hugo Chávez was president? Is it worth $30 million US dollars? $1 million? What are the chances that Chávez will nationalize the property and just take it? The value system that recognizes the right of private property ownership is opposed by socialists and communists who violate the eighth commandment, Thou shall not steal. Thus, his atheism blinded the otherwise brilliant Mises to embrace the very refutation of his entire theoretical system, his false assertion that values are irrelevant to the science of economics. 

* Flashback to 2009: Would you sell your pirated music? In 2009, Bob Enyart presented the biblical principles that explain why (and it should be evident to all) it is sinful to take without paying copyrighted music, movies, and software.

* Flashback to 2006: Bob gave a brief treatment on a business man's right from God to pay his workers varying rates for the same work, at We addressed that topic again ten years later in 2016 when Bob calls radio hosts Steve Kelly and Krista Kafer.

 * Traveling Creation Museum in Denver on Friday: Join Bob & Doug and their kids on Friday night, 7 p.m. at the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship to meet Sean Meek, executive director of the traveling creation museum operated by Project Creation. Sean talks with the guys and they all invite you to come along and bring the whole family!

* Update: There was a great turnout for the Traveling Museum, and Sean's presentation was tremendous, very up-to-date with the latest science, and especially powerful in his expose of the evolutionists and atheists who promote not only child killing for unborn boys and girls, but even what they call "post-birth abortion." Thank you Sean for a great interview and presentation!

* Today’s Resource: Have you seen the DVD that has brought more people to salvation than any other BEL resource in 20 years? It's Mount Moriah: Evidence for the Resurrection! You might want to see this to help strengthen your ability to share the resurrection of Jesus Christ with friends and relatives. Now also available in video download!