Hierarchy of Hermeneutics

* Hierarchy of 16 Hermeneutics: Welcome to today's Theology Thursday here at Bob Enyart Live! A hermeneutic is a tool for understanding the Bible. Proper hermeneutics are invaluable. In our hermeneutics seminars (one of which, held in downtown Denver's beautiful and historic Brown Palace), we study and prioritize a list of 16 hermeneutics:
God: existence, eternity, and entity (i.e., the Godhead)
His Story: the plot, or storyline, of the Bible (grasping the Bible's overview is the key to its details)
His Nature: living, personal, relational, good, and loving (includes J.O.N.A.H. & N.O.A.H.)Hermeneutics: Tools for Studying the Bible
Christological: Christ-centered, the text is His Word (the work of the righteous, and hatred of the wicked)
Context prioritized: God's Nature; His Story; the dispensation; the book; chapter; paragraph; sentence
Literalness: Scripture presents a literal message, and contains figures of speech, symbols, parables, and poetry
Historical/Grammatical: method emphasizes original languages, cultural and historical setting
Covenantal vs. Dispensational Principle: Paul instructs students to "rightly divide the Word" 2 Tim 2:15
Prophetic: Speaking God's Word; also, predictive prophecy; and non-prophecy (predictive only in hindsight)
Sufficiency Principle: Scripture presents ample revelation on everything vital to our spirituality (accountability)
Spiritually Discerned: God gave His Word to the world to lead men to Christ, but much is written to His own
Typology: people, events, objects, rituals, etc. serve as symbols of Christ, salvation, heaven, etc.
Inerrancy: Not translators and scribes but the original autographs (like DNA) were breathed by the Holy Spirit
Numerology: numbers at times are symbolic: 3 for God, 6 for man, 12 for Israel, 40 for judgment, etc.
First-Mention: knowledge of good and evil leads to death; seed of the woman; justification by faith
Hebrew Parallelisms: poetry; couplets; alternation; inversions; story symmetry

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* Archived Announcement:

TONIGHT! Personhood Meeting at Cherry Hills Community Church

Join Bob Enyart Tonight at the Launch of the Colorado 2014 Personhood Fight!

Tonight, Thu., April 4th, at 7 p.m. at
Cherry Hills Community Church
3900 Grace Blvd, Highlands Ranch

Enter off of Grace Blvd. into the main building (not the smaller chapel).
We're meeting in the lobby of the main building.

Colorado RTL invites you to join us to hear Heather Surovik who will speak to us about our 2014 personhood amendment, also known as the Brady Amendment, named for her nine-month old baby boy who was killed in his mother's womb by a drunk driver just hours before his birth. See more...

* Alan Keys Encouragement to Tonight's Personhood Gathering: Ambassador Alan Keyes, who represented America and Ronald Reagan at the United Nations, passed along these comments:

"Like all of us, little Brady Surovik was made by God, in His image and in His likeness, which means that Brady was a person in the most profound sense. This understanding of the pro-life truth, that we are made in God's image, is critical to restore respect, not only for the right to life, but for all of our rights, which today are under assault. Thank you, all of you, for fighting this fight, for Brady, for all unborn children, and really, for all of us. May God bless your work." -Alan Keyes, April 4, 2013

* Time Sensitive Request: Please call or email Colorado RTL to get your Brady Amendment personhood petition for our fourth round battle to get Colorado to uphold the God-given right to life and personhood of every unborn child!