Star Wars in Nonfiction; Bible in Fiction Section

Costco classifies the Bible among works of Fiction

* And then there's O'Reilly, in his own world: Costco classifies the Bible among works of Fiction (see photo, right). Public libraries, including the one in Golden, Colorado (photos below), classify Star Wars as Nonfiction. And then there's Bill O'Reilly, classified in his own world (see 16-second YouTube video below). O'Really O'Reilly wrongly claims that the Bible is not a history book. Rather bizarrely, these reports follow on the research showing that popular library books test positive for cocaine, and that the soft-porn book Fifty Shades of Gray tests positive, ironically, for the herpes virus. The confluence of all this related news demonstrates the long war against God.

* Gives new meaning to the term: Book Report: Warning! Curling up in front of the fireplace with your favorite library book might not get you high, but according to the experts, it will cause your blood and hair to test positive for cocaine! Meanwhile, Bob's book The Plot is guaranteed to be herpes free and cocaine free in both download and audio formats, and even in the print edition! :)

Libraries (like in Golden, CO) classify Star Wars in Nonfiction* Public Libraries Confusing Kids By Putting Fiction in Nonfiction Sections: These photos were taken in the children's section of the Golden, Colorado public library, part of the Jefferson County library system.




* Costco's Wholesale Sellout of their Christian Members: Please consider calling Costco to ask them to correct their error regarding their incorrect classification of the Bible. You can reach Costco member services at 800-955-2292.

Libraries putting Star Wars in nonfiction section.