At Least Dave Sirota Inspired Something

* Another Denver Talk Show Host Off the Air: KHOW radio's Clear Channel management has dismissed another radio talk show host. After the recent canceling of Caplis and Silverman, now Sirota and Brown is just Brown. Sirota, pro-child killing, pro-homosexual, pro-socialist, has at least accomplished one thing: the 20-year reunion of BEL's first director, John Libby, with Bob, via John's call on today's program! Sirota also inspired a walk down memory lane of some of Bob's interactions with various Denver personalities. A fex examples:

* Former Denver Bronco Bigot Reggie Rivers: Angry that a Colorado town was considering moving sexually explicit business to "remote" areas (not remote as in Siberia, but remote as in… the Denver suburb of Aurora), Rocky Mountain News columnist Reggie Rivers published (not verbally, but wrote) this diatribe:

"While I don't agree with the action, I can periodically understand the frustration and general fatigue that compelled the Romans to throw select Christians to the lions. It's not just that the lions were hungry; it was that the Romans were tired of listening to the self-righteous babbling of the Christians... regular citizens are getting fed up with puritanical Christians..." -Former Bronco, RMN Columnist, Reggie Rivers

Backhanded Apology: In his next column Rivers referred to what he wrote above as "tongue-in-cheek" and gave a nine-word backhanded apology. For until Christians "flooded" KOA radio and the Rocky Mountain News with complaints, Rivers had not realized how easily offended and woodenly literal people could be (thus further insulting Christians instead of truly apologizing). Other than that briefest of brief apologies, Rivers spent his entire "apology" column praising a reader who actually thanked him for the article, and then said that unlike when he was a young boy, he now believes that all roads lead to God. And of course, he's right. All roads do lead to God: some to Him as Savior, and others, to Him as Judge. (See more at

* Westward's Best Of: Best Media Feud -- Bob Enyart vs. KOA's Mason Lewis. Best Church Ad :) .

* KHOW Radio's Peter Boyles: On Dec. 11, 2007 Peter Boyles on Denver's KHOW radio, without mentioning BEL by name, disputed Bob Enyart's statement made on air on Dec. 10th that the NAZIs and other genocidal governments typically first confiscated guns. Minutes after Peter's disagreement, Bob emailed to him:

Peter, here's a New York Times Nov 9, 1938 headline and link: Berlin Police Head Announces 'Disarming' of Jews. Consider also that "a permit and registration scheme preceded gun confiscation in NAZI Germany, which preceded genocide murder of six million Jews and seven million gentiles." - Aaron Zelman, Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership

After hearing your comment to the contrary, and generally trusting your historical knowledge, I immediately assumed I'd been misinformed, and was going to correct my on-air statement from yesterday, but now I'm not sure of where you were coming from with that comment. -Bob Enyart, AM 670

While still on the air during the same show, Peter then clarified and admitted that the NAZIs did confiscate guns from Jews, and he stated that they did not confiscate guns from Germans. But, for the rest of the story, including regarding Cambodia, China, Cuba, Russia, the Taliban in Afghanistan, Turkey, Uganda, etc., see

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