The Final FINAL Reason

* The Case Against Public Schools: Bob Enyart presents the final final reason to make sure your child does not attend public school. And that is the second killing of a math teacher by a young student in two days. Bob also discusses the parents who sent off their rebellious 15 year old daughter to Siberia, for good. What's a liberal to do?

* Post-show Note on Kevin Swanson: Denver's Fox 31 is criticizing Pastor Kevin Swanson (who is a Christian hero who fights in defense of the child, the family, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ) for warning people about the pro-lesbian, pro-abortion Girl Scouts organization. Fox 31, acting as though they have no idea what Kevin's criticism is, quotes a representative of the Girl Scouts who condescendingly explains that selling cookies teaches girls about finances. Right. The Boy Scouts of America on Jan. 1, 2014 begin incorporating homosexuality into their organization. Long ago the Girl Scout leadership manifested their rebellion against God by promoting the homosexual and abortion (child-killing) agendas. Pastor Swanson protects kids. The scouts, and the media, can no longer be trusted. (Note: Bob posted part of this comment over at Fox 31 but as of our re-posting here, they have not permitted this comment to appear on their page.)

* Fox 31 Staff Apparently Monitors Page that Posted Veiled Death Threat: Minutes after apparently rejecting Bob Enyart's comment about Kevin Swanson from being published, the Fox 31 staff approving comments allowed this from a "Jody":

If you could legally kill one person and be let off this should be the guy [Kevin Swanson, whom] everyone wants to stone to death from the bible.

You can’t really be this stupid and be a Pastor can you????? Does his congregation believe this and if so they are all going to hell according to the bible.

Jody is so tragically confused and sinful. Of course it's not confusion that leads to wickedness, but rather, evil leads to confusion (and worse). Please pray for her (or for him, or whatever; of course today you never know, and veiled death threats more often would come from men than from women).

* Peculiar: Now This Comment is Allowed: "The Pastor is hated because he says don't buy girl scout cookies, and Fox 31 allows hate speech from Jody to write about Kevin Swanson that, 'If you could legally kill one person and be let off this should be the guy...' This is the upside down world you get when government policy opposes Christ." -Bob Enyart, posted at Fox 31.

* Today’s ResourceSee Bob Enyart's groundbreaking documentary Focus on the Strategy 2! Learn how to do your part to restore the pro-life movement to its biblical foundation and to end America’s “legalized” child killing. Focus 2 has cameo appearances from our friends including Notre Dame law professor Charles Rice, Ambassador Alan Keyes, Life Dynamic's Mark Crutcher, American Life League president Judie Brown, and founding board member of Nat'l RTL and Americans United for Life John Archibold.